Alpha Phi 150th Anniversary Volunteer Gift Box

Alpha Phi 150th Anniversary Volunteer Gift Box

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To celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Alpha Phi, Girly Greek has created this special custom gift box for the volunteers from Alpha Phi International.  

Our branded box contains a 2.25” round metal glossy button pin alongside a phone poppit, both featuring the 150th Anniversary Official Logo of Alpha Phi.  This adorable volunteer gift box will come with the Official Alpha Phi Poster Logo on a postcard with a custom note on the back.  Inside of the box the recipients will also find a special gift card from Girly Greek to help add to the celebration!  And each box will be filled with decorative shred in the Official Color of Alpha Phi.

Gift boxes will be sent out individually with available tracking information and an expected delivery date by 10/8 to each of the recipients. 

Happy 150th Anniversary Alpha Phi!


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